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Our Donors


Red SSS Endorse x Red SSS Duchess 896L- ET calf

4.0 72 114 19 55 10 .22 .28 -.03

Duchess 717A was our pick from SSS 4th Cowgirl sale and a flush mate sister to the $36,000 high selling heifer. She is an ET daughter out of a Brylor New Trend 22 dam that is a successful donor cow for SSS. She has it all, bone, power, muscle, and structural correctness in an eye catching package. Her sire is known for producing powerful performance cattle with strong EPD profiles.

Major League x PAR Larkaba MA380

-2.9 76 120 28 66 12 .43 .19 .01

S1009 has been a stand out since birth as well as a top producer. Her April heifer calf this past year was Calf Champion at the Houston Stock Show and her bull calf from the previous year by Six Mile Winchester was used on a group of cows last year who are have had some of our top calves this Spring.


PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R x Grand Canyon x EBV 3531

-1.6 64 118 39 71 7 .38 .15 .01

PAR Princess T1027 is sired by the 2007 Res. National Champion, PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R. She was Intermediate Champion heifer at the National Show in Denver as well. She has produced four outstanding heifers for us that are retained in the herd.


UBar High Capacity 224 x Lch. Larkaba NA442

-0.7 70 110 18 53 8 .50 -.07 .01

Z002 dam was the high selling female in the Leachman's of Montana dispersal. Her sire has sired a number of show ring champions.

Z002 is a deep, long bodied female with a tremendous amount of bone and muscle. Her first calf is an awesome heifer by our herdsire U2 Big League 173Z.


-0.6 75 131 8 45 7 .40 .04 .03

Sired by Mulberry and out of a high selling NILE heifer, W924 and her calf were the 2014 Res. Senior champion at the National show in Ft. Worth.

-2.7 57 92 24 52 8 .78 -.34 .02

The high selling female in the Leachman’s of Montana dispersal, she has consistently produced us some good ones. Her High Capacity 224 ET daughter was Junior Champion female at the 2014 Houston Livestock Show and is now in our ET program as well.

Sire: PIE Game On 9109
Dam: Red SSS Maxzeen 306S

-0.4 61 96 22 52 10 .36 .05 -.01

Maxzeen 112Y was the $14,000 high selling female in the SSS Red Angus First Cowgirls Sale. Her dam has consistently supplied some great females to the Red Round-Up in Canada. She is extremely deep bodied and loaded with muscle and it all comes in a very attractive package. We are expecting some great ones out of her.


4912 x PAR Selma K1220

-1.1 48 88 33 57 15 .24 .34 .00

One of the 3 full ET sisters out of Cherokee Canyon 4912 and PAR Selma K1220. We flushed her at 11 months of age and got 4 heifer calves and 1 bull, PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R, the 2007 Reserve National Champion Bull. This past spring

she had 2 more outstanding bull calves, PAR Pathfinder 1007T by Make Mimi, and PAR Cutting Edge 1017T by Big Sky R9. The female siblings are as equally good.

PAR Cutting Edge 1017T
PAR Selma R1003
PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R

Grand Canyon x Logan

-0.3 31 64 25 40 15 .16 .02 .00

Honest girl is about as stout as you will find. Her first calf was an outstanding bull calf by PAR Vigilance 1021P, that stood with her as Senior Champion pair at Denver, Fort Worth, and Houston.

In her first flush she produced 7 embryos and 7 calves by PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R

PAR Comanchero 1020S

Rambo 502 x Reba's Robin

-0.8 29 63 20 35 4 -.04 .02 .00

Rare genetics in this donor sired by the great Rambo 502 bull. Equally famous is her royally bred dam Raiseland’s Reba’s Robin, the dam of Grand Canyon and Major League. Robin 806 is as good as she has raised has a promising future with her first ET calves hitting the ground in the spring of 2011.


5L Legend 7065 x 5L Norseman Express

-0.2 42 80 18 39 10 .09 .55 .00

Another unique Red Angus heifer with a lot of Black Angus in her pedigree.She compiles DHD Traveller, OCC Gladiator, Sitz Traveller, and the great Leachman Oliva 7903 cow in her royal pedigree. Firefly 3599 is a moderate, high volume heifer that really has the angus look. We are expecting great things out of her.