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Our Sires


PIE One of A Kind 352 x Mulberry

EPDS: 111 52 -1.1 96 152 11 14 8 .39 .18 .02



Six Mile Ruger 221X son x SSS Maxzeen 112y

A well designed herdbull that puts it all together in an eye appealing package. We are anxiously awaiting his first calves this spring.




New Junior Herd Sire!
U2 Reckoning 149A x VGW Game Plan 816

BW: 84
WW: 828
YW: 1429
0.9 61 101 20 47 13 .44 -.05 .00

One of the best sons of U2 Reckoning 149A who’s first cal crop has caused quite a stir. Challenger 265C had a weaning ratio of 118 and a yearling ratio of113 in Six Mile Red Angus herd.


Red Minburn Copenhagen 3Y x Red U2 Dynamo7021T

BW 69 WW 765 YW 1362
March Sale wt 1570
-2.0 42 71 16 37 .35 .14 -.01

Maverick is our new Jr. Herdsire that is as stout and sound as you can make one. You can’t help but notice his big hip and depth of body. With this outstanding phenotype, it is no wonder he was one of the high selling bulls in the U2 Herd Bull Destination sale in Alberta.


Badlands Networth x PAR Selma NA360

Icon is super correct and structurally sound bull with a lot of muscle and eye appeal. His first calve have been very impressive.

-0.4 75 120 27 64 14 .48 .39 .00

Buf. Crk. Lancer R017 x Par Selma NA359

-2.2 73 114 26 63 13 .78 .43 .02

Prime Time 001Z is an ET son of R017 and Selma NA359. He was the 2013 Grand Champion bull at the Houston Livestock Show and high selling bull
in the first Peacock Angus Ranch Internet sale to VR Ranch IN Oregon for $15,250 for half interest. He was used very heavily by VR Ranch and Peacock Angus Ranch this spring and we are excited to see his first calves next spring. We are expecting him to make a lasting contribution to the breed.


0.5 54 72 19 46 11 .15 .16 .02

BW: 80
WW: 859
YW: 1379

Red U2 Big League 173Z is our newly acquired herdsire from U2 Ranch in Alberta, Canada. He was the $19,500 second high selling bull in U2's 2013 Herd Bull Destination sale. U2 says he is one of the coolest bulls they have raised to date.

He should supply superior calving ease while improving milk,capacity, and performance.


DOB: 2/18/2008
Registration #1233833

0.2 43 79 22 43 10 .14 .63 -.01

BW: 70 ratio 96
WW: 712 ratio 135
YW: 1271 ratio 121
IMF: 3.71 ratio 99
REA: 17.40 ratio 142

Pathfinder 822U is sired by the great Canadian bull, Mulberry, and maternally
is out of a full ET sister to PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R, the 2007 Res. National Champion bull. Phenotypically he is flawless, with outstanding performance
and scan data. He is probably one of the heaviest muscled bulls you will ever see, while still being very agile and athletic. His dam is a 114 MPPA Lancer F442T daughter of Selma NA 359, our top donor cow.


Lancer F442 x PAR Selma NA359

-2.6 37 66 21 40 12 .23 .45 -.01

PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R posses as
much bone and muscle as you will find in a
Red Angus, and he carries it in a very attractive package. He is also the reigning 2007 Reserve National Champion Bull.

Cherokee Canyon x Robinhood
Maternal brother to PAR Selma K1220

0.5 42 74 23 44 11 .14 .31 .00

PAR Vigilance 1021P produces moderate calves that are tanks. They have an abundance of muscle and capacity in the
same eye appealing package that made him Intermediate Champion Bull at Denver, Fort Worth, and Houston.


Julian GG B571 x Rambo 502

DOB: 1-16-07
Registration #: 1162829

-1.2 32 56 19 35 18 .00 .13 .01

Nugget is a big time beef bull prospect,
that we purchased in the Bet on Red Sale.
We have admired all the qualities of his sire Beckton Julian GG B571 for a long time. But
we have been watching and waiting for a son out of a real power cow, and his dam Forster Copper Queen 7172 is just that. Nugget is loaded with muscle, guts, and nuts and could be the Julian B571 son everyone has been looking for. His dams full ET sisters are the Dams of Grand Prix and Coley Mojito, two of the breeds current "hot" sires. We think Nugget will be the next!


Feddes Big Sky R9 x Par Selma NA359

DOB: 03-27-07

-2.2 39 75 30 50 16 .26 .27 -.01

PAR Cutting Edge 1017T is an ET maternal brother to PAR Ultimate Direction 1018R. Like his brother and Dam, he is a low birth weight, calving ease bull with muscle, bone, and balance of EPD's. He has a very eye appealing phenotype like his 2007 Reserve National Champion brother


PAR New Era 1757K x PAR Selma K1220

-0.4 44 86 25 47 14 .19 .25 .00

PAR Dude A384N is a growth and carcass phenomenon out of the legendary PAR Selma K1220. She not only leads the breed in growth and total maternal EPD's, but has an off the chart MPPA of 116.

PAR Dude is an outcross bull that has more maternal, growth, and carcass than any other claving ease bull you can find.